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Best keyword research tool – What you need to know

Best keyword research tool

Have you “Had it” with trying to find those perfect keywords? Is the search for that golden phrase got you pulling your hair out?  I’m about to show you how to relax and just write your content with the assurance that everything will be all right!

This Best Keyword research tool post will teach you what many SEO professionals already know and give you a fast track to getting your content seen on Google!                    My favorite keyword research tool has always been KWfinder by Mangools!  I wrote this post using KWfinder for keywords!    

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization professionals ( and beginners) use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject.  In turn,  we research certain terms and phrases that “Fit”  our website and give us a chance to rank on Google.  Here are a few of the search results we look for in a Keyword Research tool:

  • Monthly Search volume.
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Trending
  • SERP stats

These Keyword research terms are familiar to people that know SEO (search engine optimization), but, to the beginner, they can seem very confusing on why you need these statistics.  

There are many keyword research tools out there in the affiliate and e-commerce world. Some of the well-known ones also carry a high price tag!

Here is what a fellow affiliate marketer has to say about search volume

  • I have said this before on here. Take it from me as an old-timer at this. There are always questions asked about keywords. So here is some free good advice for you. Three weeks ago I had an article written for a keyword that said ZERO searches a month. My common sense said surely someone in the world would ask that question. So I had the article written. Because I have an aged site it went to No 1 in a week and that article for zero searches per month brings in 100 visitors a DAY. Let that sink in.

 Types of keywords research.

  • Short-tail keywords that are known in SEO World as “seed”, “main” or “money” keywords which consist mostly from one to two words and they are mostly generic but with very high volume searches.
  • Middle-tail keywords, which in SEO World are known as “targeted” or “intent” keywords because they usually point to what the product is for, what kind of service it is, or what info someone is seeking. They have three to four keywords. They have fewer volume searches than generic ones.
  • Long-tail keywords are basically the most wanted and targeted keywords upon the keyword research from the professionals of Search Engine Optimization because there is some commercial intent, and they have a high rate of conversion. These keywords are very detailed keywords and unique ones because they are specific to the intent and they have over 5 words in it.

Your mode of finding that right keyword is up to you but,  It’s still (as always)  up to google!  if you find a great keyword that has massive competition with big box stores then you probably should not use it.  finding a great keyword that will get you traffic is as easy as looking at search volumes and SERP’s that compete with other websites (like yours), with low DA (Domain authority),  that are looking for traffic!  

How to find low competition keywords

 As a beginner.. you need to get Organic Traffic to visit your site.  To do that, you need to find keywords with low search volume.  these keywords are most likely not targeted by large retail stores. 

You can tell the big stores either by their name or their DA score.  DA= Domain Authority.  Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs)


Here you see the keyword results that you can consider.  Notice the search volume for our top keyword has a volume of 40.  this is the average monthly search volume for 12 months. 

Also notice that the trend is consistent throughout the year. this is a good thing.  You might not want a keyword or keyphrase that is seasonal for 1 or 2 months in the year.

Next thing to look at is the KD column.  this is the Keyword Difficulty in kwfinder.  Beginners need to look for a KD 35 and below for the best chance to rank.  keyword SEO difficulty developed by Mangools. Calculated from the link profile strength (LPS) of URL’s ranking in the 1st SERP.

As you write your content and search for your “Golden” keywords…  you will continually get better and find your own formula or style to find which words to chose for your site.

Best keyword research tool

You can choose any keyword tool you like but my favorite is still KWfinder.  No fluff and no extra reports!  True content writers know that you only need a few statistics to choose the best keywords.   Lots of people just use google to pick their keywords.  But it’s smart to go one step further and get a toll that has all you need in one place and view!

Click here to check out KWfinder!

Give it a try!

I am writing the post to help anyone that wants to learn SEO for affiliate marketing.   The most important thing in affiliate marketing is to keep writing content!

  • Please remember that even a keyword with zero searches can bring 100’s of people to your site!


You really should look into KWfinder for your keyword research needs! I know quite a few affiliate marketing guru’s that swear by it!

KWfinder is, for the price, the best and only research tool you should ever need.

Hit the button to try it out!

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