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Best Electric fireplaces – Keep warm and cozy!

There’s nothing cozier than the warm glow of a fireplace on a chilly night!  It’s something we all would love to have.  An electric fireplace is a perfect solution to bring that cozy feeling into your home.  For the price of a cord of firewood, you can have all the ambiance of a fireplace without the chore of chopping and carrying in the wood! So, why not be ready for the colder seasons!

Why buy an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces can not only add to the mood you want in your room but they can do so without any maintenance.  There are many types of electric fireplaces to choose from.  Once you purchase the one you want…you will immediately fall in love with it. The flames aren’t real but the mood it sets is pretty stunning and, it will heat your room  We will cover some of the best selling electric fireplaces that will surely enhance the atmosphere of your home!

How much do electric fireplaces cost?

Depending on what style of electric fireplace you are looking for… you can typically spend up to $800 or as little as $100.  Remember that an electric fireplace gives off no smoke or fumes.  But, they can heat your room with little power usage.  A real word burning fireplace is not very heat effective as most of the heat goes up the chimney.  In case of a power failure, a wood stove is probably your best choice but,  an electric fireplace can easily be powered by a generator! You should check out the products in this post as they are all hand-picked for review by Accent Our Home!

Wood smoke affecting your allergies?

Health reasons can be a big factor in the decision to buy an electric fireplace.  People with allergies or the elderly can benefit from a fireplace that doesn’t produce smoke! If you have smoke allergies read our article on Air Purifiers and why you need one!   Both an air purifier and an electric fireplace can improve your health inside your home!


 Accent Our Home has gathered a list, along with reviews, of some of the best selling electric fireplaces for you to consider.  All you have to do is… click the check price button on the model you like… and make a decision!  We have made it easy for you to choose, so… go ahead and add that loving glow to your home now!

Types of Electric Fireplaces that heat

Electric fireplaces come in five styles: Wall Mount, Fireplace Inserts, Fireplace Logs, Fireplace with Mantel, and Free-standing.

After all of our research and data gathering from the manufacturers and customer reviews, we came up with what we think are the best electric fireplaces for each of the five styles.  We hope this will help in your decision making when picking out that one fireplace to richly enhance your home!  All of these electric fireplaces will heat a room up to 400 square feet.

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

One of the best ways to fill your house with that loving fire glow is to mount an electric fireplace in that blank space on the wall!  Most wall mounted fireplaces can be hung directly to the wall with minimal installation. But, if you want it to look beautiful and stylish, they can be recessed into the wall itself.  This task will require you to make precise measurements and cutting of the drywall.  Any homeowner or handyman can accomplish this in a couple of hours.  Make sure you look at the dimensions of the fireplace if you want to recess it into the wall!  

Product DescriptionClick to check price!
PuraFlame Serena 50 Inches Wall Mounted Linear Electric Fireplace, Log Set, Remote Control, 1500W, BlackCheck price on Amazon!
Xbeauty 36″ Electric Fireplace in-Wall Recessed and Wall Mounted 1500W Fireplace Heater and Linear Fireplace with Timer/Multicolor Flames/Touch Screen/Remote Control Black
Check price on Amazon!
3GPlus 40″ Electric Fireplace Wall Recessed Heater Crystal Stone Flame Effect 3 Changeable Color Fireplace, w/Remote, 1500/750 W – BlackCheck price on Amazon!
Valuxhome Luxey 50 Inches Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted, 1500W Fireplace Heater Hanging on Wall with Remote Control, Timer, Thermostat and Touch Screen, WhiteCheck Price on Amazon!

Are you tired of cutting firewood each year? Or, do you have a fireplace you haven’t used in years? An electric fireplace insert is the best option for your home! These inserts cover the fireplace opening and don’t let any cold drafts from the chimney chill out your home!Electric fireplace inserts with heat

Just turn it on and let the real looking fire and heater warm up the area. Most models come with a 6′ power cord to supply power.  Do electric fireplaces work?  Yes, they do! Be sure to check the prices and specifications by clicking the check price button.

Product description Click to check price!

PuraFlame 33 Inches Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control, 750/1500W

Check price on Amazon!

SUNLEI 36‘’ Electric Fireplace Insert, Freestanding& Recessed Built in Fireplace Electric Heater LED Multi-Color Flame w/Logs, Brick Panel, Touch Screen,Remote Control,Timer, 750W-1500W

Chec price on Amazon!

R.W.FLAME 36″ Electric Fireplace Insert,Freestanding & Recessed Electric Stove Heater,Touch Screen,Remote Control,750W-1500W with Timer & Colorful Flame Option

Check price on Amazon!

Valuxhome 36 Inches Electric Fireplace Recessed Fireplace Heater with Remote Control, Log Speaker, 1500W

Check price on amazon!

Electric fireplace logs

Do you have an old fireplace that just sits there with maybe a few candles in it for decoration?  Electric fireplace logs are a nice addition to that old fireplace!  These fireplace logs are the most realistic looking substitution for a wood-burning fire.

All you have to do is turn it on and set the heater to low or high!  (Just remember to close the fireplace flue to prevent heat escaping up the chimney).  There is minimal installation involved to get your fireplace looking great again plus adding some heat to your room too! Remember… these will heat a 400 square foot room.  That’s 20’x20′ which is a good-sized room!

Product Description click to check price!

Dimplex Revillusion 25-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set
19 x 25.6 x 13 inches

Check price on amazon!

Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed
20.5 x 8.7 x 12 inches

Check price on Amazon!

Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert, Heater & Firebox Projection 5,120 BTUs
8.8 x 20.5 x 12.2 inches

Check price on Amazon!

Electric fireplaces with Mantel

What an elegant way to enhance your room and heat it too!  An electric fireplace with a mantel will give you the traditional look of a real fireplace plus fill that vacant space in your living room, bedroom or any family-sized rooms!

These fireplace units can weigh over 100 pounds. They will become a major piece of furniture in any home!  You will get that comfy fire look, and feel plus…it will heat your room too! Installation involves moving the fireplace to where you want it and plug it into your wall outlet.  That’s it!

Product Description Click for price!
Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console for TVs up to a 50″
15.9 x 47.2 x 31.8 inches 95 pounds

Check price on Amazon!

Southern Enterprises Calvert Carved Electric Fireplace, Ivory Finish with Brushed Texture
44.5 x 14.5 x 40.2 inches 103 pounds

Check price on Amazon!

Carved Electric Fireplace – Elegant Mantel Style w/ Floral Trim – Remote Control
14.5 x 44.5 x 40.2 inches 104 pounds

Check price on Amazon!

Southern Enterprises Redden Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand
16 x 52.2 x 36.5 inches 115 pounds

Check price on Amazon!

Freestanding electric fireplaces

Why buy another space heater when you can get the beauty of an open fire in your room that heats too!  Freestanding electric fireplaces (or stoves) can heat any room the same as a portable space heater.  You should look into purchasing a freestanding electric fireplace the next time you need to heat a room up to 400 sq. ft.!

ProductDescriptionClick for price!

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote Control – DFI-5010
24″ W x 23.4″ H x 12.9″ D

Check price on Amazon!

DELLA 1400W Vintage Electric Stove Heater Fireplace 25-Inch Freestanding 3D Flame Log Stove Firebox
25″(W) x 15″(L) x 28-1/4″(H)

Check price on Amazon!

e-Flame USA Regal Free Standing Electric Fireplace (Black)
12.5 x 22.5 x 25 inches 23 pounds

Check price on Amazon!


Whether you hire a professional or you are comfortable doing DIY projects yourself,  there is an electric fireplace for you!  The freestanding and fireplace logs take no installation!  They all add a nice abience to any room.

All the models we have shown in this article have been selected and reviewed by Accent Our Home and came from the best sellers list.  We didn’t want to review a product that ranked poorly for obvious reasons.   Please feel free to click any of the “check price” buttons to read further reviews and specifications.

Thank you very much for reading this far into the article, and we hope we helped you in your search.  Please subscribe to receive the latest reviews and recommendations on products that we feel will Accent your Home and your hearts!

Steve Robertson
Accent Our Home