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Accent Our Home

About Accent Our Home


About Accent Our Home

At Accent our Home, we strive to help people find what they need for the home they love!  Our passion is to bring you products that will accent your home in a way that you will enhance your lifestyle.  We help you learn with just the right amount of technical terms.  The old saying, “Home is where the heart is” is where our heart is… by providing you the best recommended and healthy products for your home!

A little history…

Accent Our Home is the third website I’ve built with WindTones LLC.  With 25 years of being an IT specialist, I look at the specifications and technical aspects of each product we write about.  This technical knowledge is how the best products get chosen for reviews and recommendations on our site!  Since I retired from state government back in 2017, I have been keeping myself very busy planted in front of this computer!  I have been working with computers since late 1980.

To be truthful… This is a lot of work! But I love it!  the hopes and dreams of my wife and I, are to make some extra money to offset our healthcare costs.  (How many of you are in the same boat?).  I have found out in my life that the ONE thing you can always do is to TAKE ACTION!  there’s lots of hard work ahead, and we are hopeful to win your respect by reading our posts and clicking on the product links!

accentourhome.com has been around since 2015,  bringing you the best home products and ideas to make that place you live a little more comfortable.   As the CEO and business owner, I am very proud of our goals and vision.  We have recently revamped our website by adding a new look and new content.  We continue to research and add new articles every day!  Well… as fast as we can!  (research takes most of our time).  Thank you for helping us to take that next step in bringing your heart back into your home!   

Steve Robertson: Owner /CEO Accent Our Home

Accent Our Home
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